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28 August 2020 @ 02:24 pm
First of all..

i'm one of ARASHI fans that goes 'head over heel' with those boys..
i love other JE boys;KAT-TUN,NEWS esp. yamapi n ryo, recently,KINKI KIDS (getting started to it..)
got to know Arashi coz Riida (his cuteness kills me) n he's still my ichiban till now
love OHMIYA too..they're sooooo cute together

i'm not the type who like to write what i think,but bcoz of arashi,i'm kind of doing it lately
what a big influence ne?
i'm opening this account coz i wanna view n join the je n arashi-related communities
n get updated about them..
talking about them with others who have the same interest is something that make us happy rite?

hope i can make more friends and share more info obout my beloved band..
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26 November 2012 @ 11:15 pm

some people say that when clock strike at certain time, people will take notice of it. For me, it’s 07:21 coz that is my birth date. But nowadays I realize that I’ll automatically smile when the clock strike 11:26..hahaha and i know that my ‘craziness’ will never end when it come to ‘this’ guy or ‘that’ group..♥+♥

who else if it’s not bcoz of Ohno Satoshi n ARASHI (of coz).because of the guy named Ohno Satoshi,I get to know ARASHI and from then on…………………well,nothing else can I say other than ‘craziness’ (or obsession??),keep searching n searching their vids n after I found out about yuckie-chan’s LJ,I keep download n download n joining a lot of comms in LJ n till now stalking Lj is a must!!

it started with Ikuta Toma n Maou.if I'm not mistaken,Hana Kimi was aired in 8tv (Malaysia national TV) in 2008.i love Nakatsu and I think he’s cute!(of coz Toma is cute)that time I already knew NEWS and KAT-TUN bcoz i watched Nobuta wo Produce in which Yamapi n Kame co-starred in that drama n i fall in love with Pi..:) I also love the theme song,Seishun Amigo!! 〷◠‿◠〷
then i started watching Cartoon Kat-tun coz the show is fun!!yup,KAT-TUN caught my attention for about…half a year??maybe, and I still interested in them.i'st juz that their senpai caught my attention more..:)) bcoz NEWS doesn’t have their own show,so their vids only mostly from Shounen Club.

Back to Oh-chan…so I watched Maou.of coz I don’t really pay much attention of this guy coz I watch it bcoz of Toma.but somehow I gotta know that this guy also from Johnny’s and that make me search for Ohno Satoshi.looking for his name in utube lead me to videos from shukudai-kun and i found his cuteness’es’.it makes me think how different he is from his character in Maou and he’s seriously ,seriously cuuuuutee!!!! Especially when it comes to food..i kept looking for vids n I found more vids about Arashi n without me realizing it,I’m in their fandom..❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Well,what I want to say is thanks to this guy named OHNO SATOSHI/Riida, I have a reason to smile EVERYDAY!!


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04 November 2012 @ 10:20 pm
i can't make it on the exact day again!!
before,i can't write on 'their' 13th anniversary on the day itself and now i'm one day late from their debut album release date..but i want to write something though..;)

this year is my 4th year in ARASHI FANDOM and i realize that i never felt boring watching them.they always bring smiles on my face and sometimes (or most of the time??) make me laughing hard watching them.

WHY I LOVE ARASHI???I don't know..i juz love them!their talks,their interaction with each other,their spontaneous and silly acts,their hardworks n willing to do anything to become what they're now that make people love them!!

i juz finished watching last week's VS ARASHI with Harisenbon as plus 1 guest..i felt like fall in love again n again with the guy named OHNO SATOSHI..^-^ afterall,arashi no oji-san is still my ichiban!! *well,after few years in arashi fandom,u will become clueless who is ur ichiban coz u will love all of them*
he's cute n kakkoi at the same time.i love his embarrassed smile..:))

jya,that's all for now...

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13 October 2012 @ 10:43 pm

I know it’s VERY LATE to mention this now..

It’s juz that these few days I spent a lot of my free time reading magazine translations of the new NEWS and I found their talk became more interesting and I have fun reading their cross-talk.i’m not sure whether b4 this NEWS does have cross-talk with all 6 members but I know they always have interview by pairs n it’s hard to find the talk is interesting (gomen,NEWS no fans). ^-^

I personally think when they became 4,they can talk more freely,teasing each other n play around more (somehow,I remember soukon).their interactions more natural..i don’t know how to say this,but  I do feel that some of the members felt a ‘gap’ with Yamapi,maybe bcoz they considered him as a ‘senpai’ in company so they can’t seem to talk or tease him freely (except tegoshi..yea I know).
-well that’s my opinion-

I guessed they can go on with what they have now.GAMBARE!!

*I still love Pi n Ryo*

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04 August 2011 @ 02:31 pm
i'm so excited reading about this today!! can't wait for HIM to be back.. and tonite, Ryo-sama will be in VS arashi!! *double excitement*
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21 July 2011 @ 06:21 pm
after half of the year passed for 2011,juz now i felt like writing something though there's nothing much to talk about....:( today,though i don't have anything to write but i wanna make it special coz today is my B.I.R.T.H.DAY!! (waa..syok sendiri nampak) well....i guess i have to make a move to complete my thesis as a gift for myself!! demo..doushio??i don't have any encouragement to do that now..huhu (yea..i know i'm bad!!) maaa..whatever it is,i have to do it!!! yoshhhh..gambarimasu!!!!! btw,last shiyagare with Gackt juz hilarious!! and i'm really looking for tonight's HnA where Jun & Aiba having a trip with Perfume!!
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10 October 2010 @ 07:05 pm
waa..it's been a long time since i wrote something here..
it's not that i'm away from lj,juz that don't feel like writing..huhu
plus.updating with lj after few days not looking at it really takes a LOT of my time though..:)
ARASHI really can't be stop anymore!

somehow, i'm glad these few weeks there's a rest for ARASHI regular shows *am i really a fan??!*..of coz i am..:))
why??coz i can't catch up a lot of their appearances lately..
rite now,i've missed lot of promos from ohoku..
really have to watch all the promos b4 FREETER's promos get started 'heavily' and their regular shows be back..^-^
i really can't wait for NINO's upcoming drama..:)
SEIJI- KUN....!!!
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27 April 2010 @ 12:53 pm
waa..i've juz finished watching this new show..
i was smiling though i don't understand the whole things they're saying but it's interesting..

from the start..
- when they're gueesing who's the guest n i cracks up when aiba said
                  'eh,where will the guest come out?'
and nino said smthing like we'll separate and wait at different corner..LOL
and Riida looks at the CEILING??

the talk with Cream Stew kind of boring,mainly coz i don't really understand what they're saying..

i love the MC corner..dunno what exactly their role is BUT i love it!
   Riida as a main MC...love to see his confused face
   Sho-chan as 'unchiku'..he's so adorable when suddenly stand up during the talk n explained things
   with the hand gesture..
   Aiba-chan as 'pretending-to-know' person..haha,what can i say?he's too cute when come to his part and          sometimes he lost words... 
   Nino as tsukkomi..as always.....i love him when doing tsukkomi..:))
and the most hilarous is matsujun's role..i'm juz LMAO when come his part!
    he goes YEEAAAAHHHHH in the middle..haha.. cho tanoshii...

i hope this show will gradually become interesting i still wanna see dorky side of arashi..^-^
09 April 2010 @ 11:59 am
waa...what else to say about how great my lovely ARASHI are?
when i 1st read about this news,the thing that come straight to my head is..
'ah,maybe i can see them on my  tv after this!'
haha...how i wish that to be true..^-^

and i juz watch the vids about about it..
Sho-chan speaking english...woaaa..impressive!
but Jun and Aiba,kind of 'pelik' when i heard it..huhu
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23 March 2010 @ 12:38 am
waaa....so sad.
finally,it ends...AnS.

sho-chan really good in jumping gesture , i went 'woaaa' seing him turn around while jumping..
aiba n his 'pii-man?'..*natsukashi*
sho's drawing??what to expect...hahahahha
jun glowing in the dark..^-^
n really2 wanna know what they're saying at the end..*got teary eyes though i dunno why* but the last moments juz cute..Riidaaaaaaa..>3

when thinking back,their new program must be totally different coz it's airing during primetime..
haah,i want more rabu-rabu!
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